In today’s budget-challenged environment, many of our Governmental client organizations find themselves with the need to improve productivity and operational efficiency within ever-shrinking IT budgets. Historically, our clients have been faced with just three alternatives when it comes to implementing improved information technology solutions:

  1. Custom application development
  2. Purchase a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software product
  3. Maintain the status quo

In the absence of a better alternative, many managers are forced to elect the third option in light of their organization’s limited resources and competing IT priorities. However, this option is not without consequences in terms of both cost and risk. Resources continue to be expended for maintenance and the opportunity costs from unrealized business efficiencies. Risks accrue in the form of technology obsolescence, possible system failure and ultimately higher replacement costs.

In response to this challenge, Avysion IT has developed the reBuildIT™ and C-COTS™ (Customizable Commercial Off The Shelf) software solution offerings to quickly and inexpensively rebuild or replace your costly, low performance and at risk legacy systems with web-based browser technologies.

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