Many Governmental organizations maintain older legacy applications that are primary candidates for migration to web-based technologies, as maintenance and lost business efficiency often consume funds that could be put to better use. However, it is often difficult to justify the cost and disruption of undertaking migration of these applications in light of other IT priorities and funding scarcities. Avysion IT’s reBuildIT offering was developed specifically to address this dilemma by rapidly and inexpensively rebuilding your costly, low-performance and at-risk legacy systems into web-enabled, XML based technologies.

A reBuildIT engagement generally has the following attributes:

  • Funded through future savings and/or cost avoidance
  • Preserves and often improves legacy data
  • Acts like the existing system = minimal user disruption
  • Provides immediate productivity improvements and data availability
  • Enables integration with other systems

Our reBuildIT product offering is made possible by our inclusion of XMS-enabled standards and technology, which we have packaged into unique “development in a box” toolkits. Based on the engagement, we then overlay these toolkits with our suites of standard functional modules, extensive information systems knowledge and a “best fit” Agile project management approach.

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